There is no way around it Little Jimmy is a geek. Not popular with the girls or other boys his age Little Jimmy hung out with his grandfather quite a bit growing up. They would watch cars go by on the front porch. When Little Jimmy turned 16 his granddad gave him his grandmothers car…a 1967 Camaro.Little Jimmy's 1967 Camaro While it ran fine it looked pretty old and beat up on the outside. So being the chemistry geek he is, Little Jimmy went down to his basement to come up with the perfect car wax formula. He filled and dumped different chemicals into beakers and test tubes…ran them under the Bunsen burners…until…he got it! His grandfather kiddingly called it Little Jimmy’s Goo. Little Jimmy and his granddad wiped on the formula and off again and PING! The car is absolutely beautiful . Jimmy rides in his car to school and is totally sheik. He gets all the girls and is admired by all the guys. All because of Little Jimmy’s Goo.